Pictures from the Fabulous Fifties

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Some Photos from Our Past

1953 Halloween Dance in the Girls' Gym
From left in the front row, Jim Allen, Tom Stears, Bob Gooch, Rose Neri, Lani Ansley, Ruth Nielsen, Marilyn Ingols, Pat Banach, Jim Fitzpatrick and Layne LeComite; back row, Richard Brady, Lou Silva (deceased), Ron Rulofson (deceased).
Slumber Party -- 1954 Style
Some names in this picture -- not necessarily in order (but how would you put 'em in order?): Rose Neri, Ruth Nielsen, Lani Ansley, Marilyn Ingols, Shirley Nunes, Pat Jolley, Kim Gardner, Betty Santos, Val Sherbourne, Dianne Morgan, Bev Jordan, Jo Anne King, Alice Santos.
SCHAGAS Day Champs
Before interscholastic sports competition was available for high school girls, they had to settle for intramura sports. The big event each year at Santa Cruz High was SCHAGAS Day, an all-day volleyball tournament pitting teams from various classes against each other. The 1954 winner was this team of seniors: kneeling in front center, Kim Gardner; kneeling in second row, Val Sherbourne, Shirley Thuringer, Lorraine "Lefty" Folk; standing, Merryl Skinner, Carolyn Hutchins, Lani Ansley, Ruth Nielsen, Rose Neri, Carole Skinner.
After-Game Dance Holdouts
After all home football and basketball games, a dance was held in the girls' gym. But not everyone danced all the time. Pictured here are Class of '54 members Nick Pagnini in the front with the paddle. To the right, reading front to back, are Phil Walters, Chuck Filice and Bob Sakata. To the left, reading front to back, are Hylan Lyon, Tom Silva and Jay DeBenedetti (both in the Class of '55) and Bob Wilson.
Looking Good!
Posing are Ada Bushnell, Donna Stevens and Mary Kingdom.
A Night Out for the Boys
Len Klempnauer, Chuck Gill, Ed Destaillats (Holy Cross High Class of '53), Chuck Filice and Ed Smiley. The young fellow in front is John "Punky" Filice, Chuck's little brother.
It's Formal Dance Time
Eva Mae Smith, Aldo Mazzei, Carol Lee Stevens (SCHS Class of 1956), Phil "Butch" Walters, Cookie Barrientos and Eddie Pazzaglia (Holy Cross High Class of 1953).

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