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More Photos of Our Monthly Get-Togethers

Branciforte Junior High's 50th Anniversary

At our February 2001 lunch, members of the SCHS Class of '54 who attended
Branciforte Junior High School displayed the T-shirts they would be wearing
at the junior high's 50th birthday celebration in April. From left are:
Shirley (Thuringer) Faux of Fresno, Calif.; Ruth (Nielsen) Mitchell of Santa Cruz,
Steve Rowland of Sausalito, Calif.; Bev (Caton) Pinelli of Corning, Calif.;
and Jeanne (Cleveland) Carroll of Santa Cruz.
Photos of the observance have been posted to this web site.

Mary (Ghio) Stagnaro and
Lani (Ansley) Hall, both of Santa Cruz.
Beryl (Case) Reichenberg of San Luis Obispo, Calif.,
and Art Weybright of Bonny Doon, Calif.
Jeanne (Cleveland) Carroll and
Marilyn (Ingols) Bem, both of Santa Cruz.


Melvin Perry, Ruth (Nielsen) Mitchell
and Layne LeComte, all of Santa Cruz.
Jim Fitzpatrick of Las Vegas, Nev./
Palm Springs, Calif., and wife Mary.
Sharon (Steele) Bedell of Santa Cruz
and Judy (Malloch) Craig of Australia.
Al Mitchell of Santa Cruz and
Nick Pagnini of Zayante, Calif.
Emma (Burris) Turner of Santa Maria, Calif.,
Tommy Stears of Valley Village, Calif.,
and Aldo Mazzei of Santa Cruz.
Esther (Frizza) Wilson, Class of '55, Bob Wilson
and George Domenichelli, all of Santa Cruz.
Gary Andersen of Felton, Calif.,
Bev (Caton) Pinelli of Corning, Calif.,
and Diana Ray of Santa Cruz.
Dianne Morgan of Burbank, Calif.,
and Nick Pagnini of Zayante, Calif.
Ruth (Roinestad) Yoder of San Jose, Calif.,
Emma (Burris) Turner of Santa Maria, Calif.,
and Jack Richey of Merced, Calif.

For More Information about the Class of '54, Contact Len Klempnauer