Monthly Get-Togethers -- Page 1

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Photos of Monthly Get-Togethers

The photos on this page and the next two pages were taken at the Class of 54's monthly get-togethers, starting in 2000. Ninety-three classmates had attended one or more of the informal functions as of Dec. 17, 2003.

Caroline (Fisher) Parrish of Soquel, Calif.,
Ruth (Roinestad) Yoder of San Jose, Calif.;
Len Klempnauer of Capitola, Calif.,
Rose (Neri) Unger of Los Gatos, Calif.;
Sharmon Nash, one of our history teachers
who lives in Santa Cruz; and
Nick Pagnini of Zayante, Calif.
Terry Simerly of Lakewood, Colo. (front);
Charlie Fritz of Alamo, Calif., and
Diana Ray of Santa Cruz (seated); and
Aldo Mazzei of Santa Cruz (standing).
Lorraine "Lefty" (Folk) Voight of Santa Cruz.
Layne LeComte of Santa Cruz,
Art Weybright of Bonny Doon, Calif., and
Cookie (Barrientos) Ruschin of San Jose, Calif.
Nancy (Cummings) Jellison of Santa Cruz
and Steve Rowland of Sausalito, Calif.
Gary Andersen of Felton, Calif.,
and Jun Lee of Scotts Valley, Calif.
Tom Stears of Valley Village, Calif.,
and Tom Baker of San Diego, Calif.

Monthly Get-Togethers in 2004 Are on the Last Wednesday of the Month -- Except November and December