Snapshots from 2001 Alumni Assn. All-Class BBQ

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33 Classmates Attend Fund-Raising Picnic

Sporting our "Classy Cards of '54" T-shirts, 33 members of the Class of 1954 attended
the biennial BBQ fund-raiser sponsored by the SCHS Alumni Association on Sunday, Aug. 26, 2001,
at Harvey West Park in Santa Cruz. With our spouses and guests (18), we comprised about 12 percent
of the gathering, which totaled something over 400. Class of '54 attendees were:
Bill Bartlett, Los Gatos, Calif.; Emma (Burris) Turner, Santa Maria, Calif.; Nancy (Cummings) Jellison,
Santa Cruz; Marie (Dianda) Hudson, Grass Valley, Calif.; Jim Fitzpatrick, Las Vegas, Nev.; Lorraine (Folk) Voight,
Santa Cruz; Kim (Gardner) Harris, Carrolton, Tex.; Margaret (Ghio) Hartmann, San Francisco; Sharon (Grever) Petersen,
San Jose; Carole (Hill) Barrish, Cambria, Calif.; Rod Jensen, Aptos, Calif.; Len Klempnauer, Capitola, Calif.;
Joan (Kraus) Sweet, Oroville, Calif.; Jun Lee, Scotts Valley, Calif.; Dick Lippert, Carmichael, Calif.; Judy (Malloch) Craig,
Maynard Manson, Santa Cruz; Jim Martin, Oroville, Calif.; Aldo Mazzei, Santa Cruz; Al Mitchell, Santa Cruz;
Ruth (Nielsen) Mitchell, Santa Cruz; Ardella (Rasmussen) Camarlinghi, Soquel, Calif.; Diana Ray, Santa Cruz;
Ruth (Roinestad) Yoder, San Jose; Steve Rowland, Sausalito, Calif.; Terry Simerly, Lakewood, Colo.; Tom Stears,
Valley Village, Calif.; Areka (Stevenson) De La Selva, Monterey, Calif.; Fred Swallander, Roseville, Calif.;
Shirley (Thuringer) Faux, Fresno, Calif.; Art Weybright, Bonny Doon, Calif.; Bob Wilson, Santa Cruz; and
Kathy (Work) Donovan, Scotts Valley, Calif.

Carole (Hill) Barrish and
Ruth (Roinestad) Yoder

Jim Fitzpatrick and
Lorraine "Lefty" (Folk) Voight

Ruth (Nielsen) Mitchell
and Al Mitchell

Ruth (Nielsen) Mitchell
and Diana Ray

Ruth (Roinestad) Yoder and
Lorraine "Lefty" (Folk) Voight

Sharon (Grever) Petersen
and Kim (Gardner) Harris

Shirley (Thuringer) Faux and
Lorraine "Lefty" (Folk) Voight

Aldo Mazzei (front)
and Tom Stears

Marie (Dianda) Hudson
and Joan (Kraus) Sweet

Ruth (Roinestad) Yoder and
Emma (Burris) Turner

Marie (Dianda) Hudson and
Sharon (Grever) Petersen

Steve Rowland, Jun Lee
and Ken Stears, Tom's older brother

Jim Martin (seated)
and Johnice and
Fred Swallender

Kim (Gardner) Harris,
Ruth (Nielsen) Mitchell and
Margaret (Ghio) Hartmann

Dick Lippert
and Rod Jensen

Joan (Kraus) Sweet at left,
Shirley (Thuringer) Fox
and Kim (Gardner) Harris

Joan (Kraus) Sweet,
Marie (Dianda) Hudson and
Emma (Burris) Turner


Sharon (Grever) Pedersen, Areka (Stevenson) De La Selva, Kim (Gardner) Harris, Lorraine (Folk) Voight

Terry Simerly,
Rod Jensen
and Bill Bartlett

Judy (Malloch)

Margaret (Ghio) Hartman, Judy (Malloch) Craig, Joan (Kraus) Sweet

Judy (Malloch) Craig and Bill Bartlett and a Big Hug for Someone

Nancy (Cummings)

Ardella (Rasmussen) Camarlinghi,
Ruth (Nielsen) Mitchell
and Marie (Dianda) Hudson

Emma (Burris) Turner, Len Klempnauer, Fred Swallender and
Shirley (Thuringer) Faux

Ruth (Roinestad) Yoder,
Lorraine (Folk) Voight
and Aldo Mazzei

Ardella (Rasmussen) Camarlinghi,
Fred Swallender, Len Klempnauer,
Kim (Gardner) Harris, Steve Rowland, Lorraine "Lefty" (Folk) Voight
and Tommy "TJ" Stears

The Next All-Class BBQ Is In August 2005