Santa Cruz High Class of 1953's 50th Reunion

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Updated Sept. 14, 2003

About 150 Attend SCHS Class of 1953's 50th Reunion

Event Held Aug. 23, 2003, at Seacliff Inn in Aptos

Santa Cruz High School Alumni Assn., 531 Lincoln St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060;
Telephone: (831) 429-3926;

Office Hours, 1:15-4:15 p.m., Monday and Wednesday only

Almost 150 graduates of the Santa Cruz High Class of 1953 and their spouses and guests attended their 50th Reunion Saturday, Aug. 23, at the Seacliff Inn in Aptos, according to reunion chairperson Lulu (Pokriots) Moser.
Pat (Hulen) Peterson of Aptos put together a memory book, titled "Santa Cruz High School Class of 1953: 50 Years Later." Copies of the book are available for 15 dollars, plus shipping, from Lulu (Pokriots) Moser of Santa Cruz.
The book contains bios and photos of about 100 Class of '53 members, including postal and email addresses. Some of the bios are brief and some quite lengthy. Not everyone who attended the reunion is in the book, and not everyone in the book attended the reunion.

The names of the Class of '53 members below who attended the reunion are capitalized. The asterisks denote members of other SCHS classes -- as best they can be identified.

Jim and Patricia BAGBY, Pauline (BAKER) Baxter, Sal and Teresa BASILE, Norm and Sharon* BEDELL, Bob and Lynn BINSACCA, Norman* and Maureen (BREGANTE) Benito, Cliff and Alice BUSEHNART, Ron and Rita* BUSENHART, Don and Barbara* CHILDERS, Al COSTA and guest Barbara* Cardoza. Milton and Pat DEVITT, Ron and Valerie* DILLEHAY.

David and Dolores (EISELE) McCartney, Ray EWING, Bob and Elizabeth EWING, Bill and Josephine (FRIZZA) FERRIN and guest Esther* (Frizza) Wilson, Mahlon and Joel (LOONEY) FOOTE, George and Melody FOSTER. Jim and Jannette GILLIES, Max and Marilyn* GOODE, Jeanette GUDGEL, Pat (HANSEN) Ray, Gerald* and Barbara (HAYFORD) Towner, Ernie and Nancy (HAYS) Burroughs.

Richard and Mary HEAD, Marilyn (PAYNE) Hedgpeth, Dave and Bernice* HERMAN, Harlie and Pat (HANSEN) Peterson, Glen and JoAnn IFLAND, Dave and Margarette INGOLS, Dick* and Anabell (IVERSON) Menefee, John and Vicki KARSTEN, Harrison and Sharon LAKE, Pete and Pat* LIKINS, Tod and Noreen LIKINS, Fay (MEREDITH) MacDonell and guest Peg MacDonell.

Bob MARTIN, Bob and Gerry (MARTINEZ) Johnson, Bob McDONALD, Tom and Donna McMILLAN, Hank and Nancy (McRAE) Fisher, Ron and Velda MESTRE, Roger and Helen MILLER, Shirley Carniglia-MILLS, Tom MITCHELL, Rich MONTGOMERY and son Fabian, Carl and Shirley MORRIS, Pete and Midge (MORSE) Ehrman.

Keith and Barbara* MURRAY, Janice (NELSON) Sammet, Bob and Norma NEWTON, Marvin and Sally PACKER, Gary PADEN, Dean* and Lulu (POKRIOTS) Moser, Bob and Nancy RADER, Al and Henrietta RAICHE, Stephen and Shirley (RAMSEY) Barden, Bill and Nancy REESE, Tom and Jane REESE, Peggy (ROBERTSON) Stackhouse.

Carolyn (ROBINSON) Stackhouse, Rich ROGERS and guest Guyla Bibbins, Valerie (SAMPLES) McCown, Bob and Barbara SCOTT, Harry SLADWICK, Don and Dona (SPOMER) Wilson, Dan* and Connie (STRETCH) Knoll, Skip and Theresa* TARA and guests Harold and Carol* Ray, Dave and Regina THOBALD, Pete and Carol* THOMAS, Richard and Lois (TIEDKE) Miller, Tom and Jolene (WAGNER) Fitzgibbins, Art and Jacqueline WARNER.

*Sharon (Steele) Bedell, 1954; Norm Benito, year unknown; Rita (Wilson) Busenhart, aprx. 1957/58; Barbara (Halstead) Cardoza, 1956; Valerie (Sherbourne) Dillehay, 1954; Esther (Frizza) Wilson, 1955; Marilyn (Ingols) Goode, 1954; Jerry Towner, year unknown; Bernice (Jordan) Herman, 1952; Dick Menefee, 1951; Pat (Jolley) Likins, 1954; Barbara (Wells) Murray, 1954; Dean Moser, 1948; Dan Knoll, 1954; Carole (Stagnaro) Tara, 1956; Carole (Skinner) Ray, 1954; Carole (Giggy) Thomas, 1958.

'53 Memory Book -- Pat (Hulen) Peterson of Aptos prepared the 50-year memory book for the Class of 1953's 50th reunion. A few copies of the book are still available at 15 dollars each, plus mailing costs, from Lulu (Pokriots) Moser of Santa Cruz.

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