The Last Page -- They're Coming to 50th Reunion!

Sept. 10, 11 and 12 in Santa Cruz, Calif.

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This Page Was Updated June 11, 2004; Scroll Down for a List of 50th Reunion Attendees and a List of Our "Missing" Classmates


Group Photo of 15th Reunion in 1969

The Class of 1954's 15th reunion was held at the Aptos Seascape Golf Lodge in 1969. This photo was taken by Larry Dong,
a professional photographer and a member of the Class of '54. Larry is kneeling in the second row, second from left.
Kneeling at the far right is C.E. "Doc" Fehliman, a retired Santa Cruz High teacher who made the Santa Cruz High
Alumni Association one of the most active in California. We didn't take a group shot for our first reunion -- our 10th
-- held in 1964 at the Riverside Hotel in Santa Cruz. But we do have a photo from our 25th reunion at the Elks Lodge
in Santa Cruz. Click on the "'54 News" link at the top of this page to see the picture.

They're Coming to 50th Reunion on Sept. 10-11-12, 2004

(This list was lasted updated June 9, 2004.)

01] Biondi, John and wife Gina (Santa Cruz, Calif.)
02] Mitchell, Al (Santa Cruz, Calif.)*
03] Nielsen-Mitchell, Ruth (Santa Cruz, Calif.)*
04] Steele-Bedell, Sharon and husband Norm (Santa Cruz, Calif.); Norm was in the SCHS Class of '53
05] Weybright, Art and wife Dee (Bonny Doon, Santa Cruz County, Calif.); Dee Cochrane-Weybright was in the SCHS Class of '56
06] Ray, Diana (Santa Cruz, Calif.)
07] Cummings-Jellison, Nancy (Santa Cruz, Calif.); Nancy's late husband, Darryl, was in the SCHS Class of '52
08] LeComte, Layne and wife Joanna (Soquel, Santa Cruz County, Calif.); Joanna Camuffo-LeComte was in the SLV High Class of '62.
09] Santos-Ponza, Alice and husband Mike (Soquel, Santa Cruz County, Calif.); Mike was in the SCHS Class of '48
10] Klempnauer, Len and wife Shirley (Capitola, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
11] Folk-Voight, Lorrane and husband Al (Santa Cruz, Calif.)
12] Kraus-Sweet, Joan/Luella (Oroville, Calif.)
13] McMillan-Geiger, Nancy and husband John (Livermore, Calif.)
14] Gooch, Bob and wife Pat (Albuquerque, N.M.)
15] Bartlett, Bill (Los Gatos, Calif.)
16] Baker, Phil and wife Dolores (Redding, Calif.)
17] Stevenson-De La Selva, Areka (Monterey, Calif.)
18] Lovato, Roger (Camp Verde, Ariz.)*
19] McCray-Lovato, Vada (Camp Verde, Ariz.)*
20] Simerly, Terry and wife Norma (Lakewood, Colo.)
21] Cable-Vultaggio, Sherri and guest (Citrus Heights, Calif.)
22] Singer-Dolezal, Marilyn (Ronan, Mont.)
23] Groszmann, Max and wife Sue (Forest Grove, Ore.)
24] Roinestad-Yoder, Ruth and husband Sieg (San Jose, Calif.)
25] Pepper, Ross/Larry and wife Lynda (San Luis Obispo, Calif.)
26] Fritz, Charlie and wife Jackie (Alamo, Calif.)
27] Pagnini, Nick and wife Bev (Zayante, Santa Cruz County, Calif.); Bev Sommer-Pagnini was in the SCHS Class of '55
28] Morris-Ongaro, Merle and husband Clyde (San Anselmo, Calif.)
29] Walters, Phil and wife Carmyn (Surprise, Ariz.)
30] Lippert, Dick and wife Yvonne (Carmichael, Calif.)
31] Webster, Mildred (Kings Beach, Calif.)
32] Heaney, Paul and wife Carole (Lodi, Calif.); Carole Scofield-Heaney was in the SCHS Class of '56
33] Hall-Holmes, An Nita (Austin, Tex.)
34] Fitzpatrick, Jim and wife Mary (Las Vegas, Nev.)
35] Gardner-Harris, Kim (Carrollton, Tex.)
36] Mazzei, Aldo and wife Barbara (Santa Cruz, Calif.); Barbara Hansen-Mazzei was in the SCHS Class of '51
37] Yonkman, John and wife Joni (Redwood City, Calif.)
38] Banach-Lowell, Pat (Sedona, Ariz.)
39] Case-Reichenberg, Beryl and a guest (San Luis Obispo, Calif.)
40] Jensen, Rod and wife Iris (Aptos, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
41] Samuelson, Don and wife Kitti (Ventura, Calif.)
42] Ghio-Stagnaro, Mary and husband Jack (Santa Cruz, Calif.); Jack was in the SCHS Class of '48
43] Burris-Turner, Emma (Santa Maria, Calif.)
44] Branstetter, Bob (Santa Rosa, Calif.)*
45] Bushnell-Branstetter, Ada (Santa Rosa, Calif.)*
46] Thuringer-Faux, Shirley and husband Jim (Fresno, Calif.)
47] Neri-Unger, Rose and husband Gene (Los Gatos, Calif.)
48] Johnston-Kaiser, Jackie and husband Lonnie (Napa, Calif.)
49] Herbert-McInnes, Nancy (San Anselmo, Calif.)
50] Fisher-Parrish, Caroline (Soquel, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
51] Hill-Barrish, Carole and husband Paul (Cambria, Calif.)
52] Lee, Jun and wife Carol (Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, Calif.); Carol Gray-Lee was in the SCHS Class of '57
53] Skinner-Ray, Carole and husband Harold (Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
54] Morris-Zamora, Sue/Barbara and husband Hal (Aptos, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
55] Lyon, Hylan and wife Sandra (Dallas, Tex.)
56] Petroni-Orsolini, Ann and grandson Rich (Santa Cruz, Calif.); Rich will be graduating with the Santa Cruz High Class of 2004!
57] Cardiff, Bob and wife Sally (Davis, Calif.)
58] Morris-Bessey, Nancy and husband Don (Lindsay, Calif.)
59] Goodwin-Purswell, Joan and husband Patrick (Seattle, Wash.)
60] Skinner-Carlson, Merryl and husband Bill (Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
61] Sanders-Biondi, Darlene (Aptos, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
62] Drew, John (Mill Valley, Calif.)
63] Reifer-Boulware, Kathy (San Gabriel, Calif.)
64] Sherbourne-Dillehay, Val and husband Ron (Reno, Nev.); Ron was in the SCHS Class of '53
65] Manson, Maynard and wife Carol (Santa Cruz)
66] Eddy-Parada, Adela/Edella and husband Lou (Pinole, Calif.)
67] Reynolds, Donna (Duluth, Ga.)
68] Knight, Nathan and wife Pat (Sacramento, Calif.)
69] Caton-Pinelli, Bev and husband Bob (Corning, Calif.); Bob was in the SCHS Class of '53
70] Andersen, Gary and wife Pat (Felton, Santa Cruz County, Calif.); Pat Souza-Andersen was in the SCHS Class of '56
71] Musial, Larry and wife Kathryn (Yachats, Ore.)
72] White-Giudici, Jean and husband Don (Santa Cruz, Calif.); Don was in the Holy Cross High Class of '51
73] McCombs-McFadden Barbara and husband Chuck (Oakland, Calif.); Chuck was in the SCHS Class of '55
74] Richey, Jack (Capitola, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
75] Durden, Vic and wife Annette (Grants Pass, Ore.)
76] Knoll, Dan and wife Connie (Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, Calif.); Connie Stretch-Knoll was in the SCHS Class of '53
77] Malloch-Craig, Judy and husband Joel (Australia)
78] Armanini-Engelking, Julie and husband Chuck (Roseburg, Ore.)
79] Barrientos-Ruschin, Cookie and husband Tim (San Jose, Calif.)
80] Scoppettone, Jim and wife Sherry (Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, Calif.); Jim was in the Holy Cross High Class of '54
81] Jolley-Likins, Pat and husband Pete (Tucson, Ariz.); Pete was in the SCHS Class of '53
82] Sakata, Bob (Roseville, Calif.)
83] Nielson, Bill (San Miguel, Calif.)
84] Wilson, Bob and wife Esther (Santa Cruz, Calif.); Esther Frizza-Wilson was in the SCHS Class of '55
85] Jordan-Peterson, Bev and husband Pete (Hackensack, Minn.)
86] Bilodeau, Fred (Chehallis, Wash.)*
87] Peake-Bilodeau, Cal (Chehallis, Wash.)*
88] Work-Donovan, Kathy and husband Paul (Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
89] McClung, Tom/John and wife Yvonne (San Francisco, Calif.)
90] McCown-Sandberg, Sharon and husband Carl (Phoenix, Ore.)
91] Ghio-Hartmann, Margaret and husband Fritz (San Francisco, Calif.)
92] Gregg, Arnold and guest Ruth Ditty (Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, Calif.); Ruth was in the SCHS Class of '58.
93] Briery-Wells, Sandra and daughter Cynthia (Ashland, Ore.)
94] Anecito-Brown, Shirley and spouse/guest (Valley Springs, Calif.)
95] Keever-Shaw, Penny and husband Mike Dayton (Bellingham, Wash.)
96] Grever-Peterson, Sharon (San Jose, Calif.)
97] Cleveland-Carroll, Jeanne (Santa Cruz, Calif.)
98] Crouse, Bob and spouse/guest (Reno, Nev.)
99] Camera, Pat (Santa Cruz, Calif.)
100] Baker, Tom and spouse/guest (San Diego, Calif.)
101) Stanley, Barbara (Vernon, Ariz.)
102] Ingols-Goode, Marilyn and husband Max (Mariposa, Calif.); Max was a member of the Class of '53.
103] Cunningham, Jerry and spouse/guest (Sutherlin, Ore.)
104] Rowland, Steve and guest Sue Foster (Sausalito, Calif.)
105] Martin, Jim (Yuba City, Calif.)
106] Kendall, Cliff and spouse/guest (San Jose, Calif.)
107] Byrd, Joe/Byron and spouse/guest (Scotts Valley, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
108] Trembath, Charley (Spring Creek, Nev.)
109] Ansley-Hall, Lani (Santa Cruz, Calif.)
110] Bellangero-Warden, Sharon and spouse/guest (Seguin, Tex.)
111] Tobey-Childs, Barbara and spouse/guest (Hattiesburg, Miss.)
112] Gordon, Ken and spouse/guest (Spokane, Wash.)
113] Delucchi, Rich and wife Geri (Santa Cruz, Calif.); Geri Anderson-Delucchi was in the Class of '56.
114] Filice, Chuck (Salinas, Calif.)*
115] Nunes-Filice, Shirley (Salinas, Calif.)*
116] Anderson, Phil and spouse/guest (Sacramento, Calif.)
117] Karrle, Ron and spouse/guest (El Dorado, Calif.)
118] Grossi-Lambert, Lea and spouse/guest (Santa Cruz, Calif.)
119] Bertolli-Sillano, Nilda and spouse/guest (Watsonville, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
120] Eheler, Ralph and guest (Yamhill, Ore.)
121] Hay-Sturges, Marilyn (Soquel, Santa Cruz County, Calif.)
122] Krotser-Mendes de Leon, Pat/Shira (Ashland, Ore.)
123] Roberson-Wehr, Peggy (Aptos, Calif.)
124] Hershberger, Glenn (Sandy, Ore.)
125] Webb, Lowell of somewhere in the Santa Cruz Mountains and guest
126] McPhail-Johnson, Marilyn (Santa Rosa, Calif.)
127] Mallery, Jim/Talley and guest (Las Vegas, Nev.)
128] Freitas-Lewis, Gloria (San Mateo, Calif.)
129] Kelly-Swanson, Pat (San Jose, Calif.)
130] Swallender, Fred and wife Johnice (Roseville, Calif.)
131] Gill, Chuck (Santa Cruz)
132] Gatlin, Ken and his wife (Mound House, Nev.)
133] Pinkham, Robert and wife June (Santa Cruz)
134] Smiley, Ed and wife Eduina (Grass Valley, Calif.)
*1954 Classmates Married to '54 Classmates

Help Us Find These Missing Classmates

The following is a list of classmates the 50th Reunion Committee has been unable to locate. If you know of their whereabouts
or have an idea where they might be or someone who may know them, such as a brother or sister or friend, please relay
the information to Art Weybright at:
DeenArt @
(Close up the spaces on either side of @ to make the email address function. The spaces are inserted here to preclude
automatic spam software from picking up on the email address.)

The surnames of females are what their maiden names were in school.
Allen, James Reid "Jim"; Beck, Lavona Marlene or Bauer, Lavona Marlene; Bishop, Claudia Jean; Byers, Carol; Cezar, Eugene;
Dayton, Edward C. "Ed"; De Vaurs, Diane Lorraine; Doffelmyre, Arta Lou; Engels, Robert Thomas "Bob";
Francis, Robert Joseph "Bob"; Fuentes, Dolores Martha; Gilmore, Jack E.; Good, Joan Leigh**; Hall, Gailand Knight;
Hollis, Celeta May; Head, Robert "Bob"**; House, Sharon Lee; Jackson, Onedia; Koren, Beverly Ann; Kruse, Richard Allen;
Lane, Mary Lou; La Plaunt, Donna; Lerner, Marlene; Linder, Esther Louise. Locatelli, Pauline Rose; Mikkelsen, Fred Holger;
Morgan, Maurice Patrick; Mori, Joseph Enrico "Joe"; Murphy, Philip Gordon "Bill"; Peter, William "Bill"; Pierce, Barbara Elise;
Politte, Thomas Gordon "Tom"; Richard, Teddy Eugene; Ritchie, William Paul "Bill" or Tortorici, William Paul "Bill";
Ryan, Judith Linda "Judy"; Sadler, James "Jim"; Sherwood, Patricia Louise; Shults, Janet May; Sirles, Mary Lou;
Smith, Kenneth David "Ken"; Stevens, Donna Lee; Sutherland, David Norman; Tershuren, Paulette M.L.
**Robert "Bob" Head and Joan Good are husband and wife.
(Marlene Lerner, Richard Kruse and David Sutherland have been located.)

Counter added on Jan. 25, 2004

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Sept. 10-11-12, 2004 -- 50th Reunion of SCHS Class of 1954